Terms and Conditions:

Customer Terms and Conditions

Liquidation Investment Group, LLC is retail liquidator and as such, all customers are advised that any/all merchandise offered, whether through direct sales, auction, online sales, third party vendors, brokerage services or any other means, will consist largely of retail customer returns, shelf-pulls, new overstock, defective, brand new master case, scratch & dent, used, expired and/or short-dated items, and while Liquidation Investment Group, LLC endeavors to provide only the highest quality liquidated merchandise and to describe same to our customers as accurately as possible, there are nonetheless some inherent risks to buying liquidated merchandise. For this reason, it is not recommended that customers purchase same – particularly store returns and defective goods – without first educating themselves on the potential for adverse consequences.

To be clear, Liquidation Investment Group, LLC assumes and accepts absolutely no responsibility for losses of any kind as a result of purchasing liquidated merchandise, and any verbal, digital or written correspondence regarding condition and/or working averages are mere approximations in no way binding on Liquidation Investment Group, LLC,  as exact working ratios for goods not specifically advertised as “new” are always unknown and working percentages can vary greatly.

Further, please be advised that any/all manifests provided are likewise approximate and are typically provided by our suppliers. As such, any discrepancies contained therein are not subject to remedy and all products (unless otherwise stated) are sold AS IS, WHERE IS and with NO RETURNS, NO GUARANTEES, NO WARRANTY and NO CLAIMS MADE AS TO FUNCTIONALITY OR MARKETABILITY.

With respect to bulk purchases consisting of whole cases, pallets, truckloads etc., shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. While Liquidation Investment Group, LLC may facilitate shipment, any/all claims for delays, damages, items lost in transit or additional delivery charges must be made directly with the carrier.

Additionally, customers who are purchasing goods from our facility have seven (7) days from the date of purchase to pick up same, unless other arrangements are made in advance of purchase. Liquidation Investment Group, LLC therefore reserves the right to dispose of and/or resell any/all goods not removed from the premises within seven (7) days per this agreement.

Lastly, customers must be aware that, in order for us to offer high quality liquidated merchandise for a fraction of the retail price, certain conditions on sales must be met, which are the sole responsibility of the buyer and failure to adhere to same may result in the suspension or revocation of the customer’s account and/or may result in the imposition of fines assessed in favor of the retail company from which it originated. In the event that the buyer herein is not the ultimate reseller, it is nonetheless the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that their customer complies with the following:

* Buyer must remove or deface any/all identifying marks (tags, labels, price stickers etc.) from the product that may be traced back to the store from which it originated.

* Buyer must not advertise any department store names or private label store brands. This includes online, in printed advertising and in store.

* Unless otherwise stated, all warranties must be removed from all products prior to sale.

* Buyer agrees to allow representatives of Liquidation Investment Group, LLC to inspect buyer’s premises to ensure compliance with the above terms.

* The above restrictions apply to any/all merchandise sold for resale purposes unless otherwise stated.

* Additional geographical & regional sales restrictions may be applicable for certain department stores etc.

I have read and agree to the above and foregoing Terms & Conditions (purchase constitutes acceptance). Jurisdiction and Venue for any/all claims arising from the above and foregoing Customer Terms and Conditions shall be in Saint Louis county, Missouri.

Vendor Terms and Conditions

  • All third party vendors must register and be approved in advance of posting to Liquidation Investment Group, LLC’s Online Marketplace.
  • Once approved, vendors retain full control over all posts, listings, prices etc. but are solely responsible in all respects for content of all posts, as well as the processing of customer orders, shipping etc.
  • Liquidation Investment Group, LLC reserves the right to inspect the content of all third party vendor posts and to remove same with or without notice to the vendor.
  • Liquidation Investment Group, LLC may, in it’s discretion, at any time, with or without notice or cause, remove, suspend and/or revoke third party vendor accounts and privileges.
  • All third party vendors herein authorize a 15% commission on all sales processed.

I have read and agree to the above and foregoing Terms & Conditions. Jurisdiction and Venue for any/all claims arising from the above and foregoing Vendor Terms and Conditions shall be in Maries county, Missouri.