Liquidation Investment Group, LLC is a liquidation investment company/brokerage firm specializing in the investment, negotiation, purchase, sale and distribution of high quality liquidated retail merchandise for the resale market.


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Our Products:

In addition to investment opportunities and brokerage services, Liquidation Investment Group, LLC offers a wide range of liquidated retail merchandise, which is available to both businesses and the general public and may be purchased directly from the company’s online marketplace.

Our Services:

Liquidation Investment Group, LLC offers invaluable professional services to small business owners, as members may utilize our brokerage services to secure high quality inventory at unbeatable prices, submit sale listings to be posted on our online marketplace or alternatively, may sell acceptable merchandise directly to us. Additionally, our retailer members may liquidate their damaged box, store returns, shelf-pulls and new overstock directly through us.

Invest With Us:

In 2016, total revenue from post-retail sales, to include damaged box, store returns and overstock items, totaled $554 billion dollars and has since been growing at an average rate of 7.5% a year, according to Zac Rogers, an operations and supply-chain professor at Colorado State University’s business school.

Based on these numbers, it is evident that, in general, liquidated retail merchandise has great investment potential… but how do small business owners and venture capitalists take advantage of the current market?

As sole proprietors of small online, consignment and overstock stores etc., our individual business connections and purchasing power is oftentimes severely limited and thus our profitability suffers. But collectively and with combined resources, like-minded entrepreneurs and investors can benefit greatly from the ability to secure inventory from large bulk purchases of only the highest quality liquidated merchandise from big box retail chains and reputable liquidation warehouses nationwide, resulting in profit margins which far exceed individual capabilities.

This collaborative, forward-thinking investment method is precisely what sets Liquidation Investment Group, LLC apart from other investment strategies and will soon be the driving force behind this steadily growing multi-billion dollar market.

Open to the Public:

Not a business owner? Retail liquidation is a sound investment with great potential for profit. And for those just looking for bargains, our online marketplace offers the general public a myriad of high quality liquidated merchandise for a fraction of the retail price!








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